Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ever Essential Universal Remote Control

In the world of electronics, it seems that one thing never changes; The Ever-Changing Trends in Home Electronics.  And for as long as I have been installing home electronics, the issue of controllability has been at the forefront. 

With the constant evolution and advancements in control technology, comes my constant quest to find viable solutions for universal remote controls, at reasonable prices.  In years past those two often didn’t go hand and hand.

The Exception has just arrived.  Manufacturers like Logitech for instance have introduced “Activity driven” products that require less set-up time, and are customizable to include almost any scenario you may require out of your equipment.  This includes the automated control of window shades as well as lighting control. 

One such product is The Harmony H-1100.  I just programmed one of these puppies for my DEMO Home Theater  Room, and can tell you first hand as your custom installer, that I am very excited to be able to offer this unit to my clients.  This remote is great, easy to use, and dare I say; fun!   I believe to date, that this is one of the best universal remotes in its price range that I have seen for quite some time.

Tablet style Touch Screen Remotes such as this one were once tangible to just the “high-end” consumer price tags of  $2,000.00 and above after installation and programming.  Additionally, complicated set-ups often required programming to be farmed out to an IT-Media/Computer Programmer, adding third party costs to the complete job.

In an effort to lower that cost to my clients, I am now certified to provide this custom programming myself.  As an authorized reseller and programmer for Logitech, RTI, Universal Remotes, and others, I can provide my clients with access to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd tear tech support.  Additionally, all programming is stored allowing us easy future updating should you decide to add or change components; like television cable boxes for instance.

In short, I am very excited to offer to my clients these very affordable new and exciting products that will not only enhance your music and television experience, yet provide you and your family with hassle free control.

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