Monday, March 12, 2012

Discovering Long Island

If you are wondering where I am sitting in this picture above, it is amongst one of Long Islands treasures overlooking the bay in Greenport Village.  The “Mobile Service” aspect of my job enables me to visit various sights throughout New York and Long Island that I may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.  For instance, behind me you might be able to see The Morning Call Sculpture; a 9/11 memorial of an osprey on a perch made from steel eye beams recovered from the World Trade Center.

Having been born and raised on Long Island, like many of you, I find that my soul has somehow become innately attached to this vast island I call home.  And for this reason, I can not imagine living anywhere else.  And so, as I sit here waterside at Scrimshaw, one of Greenport Villages’ very fine eating establishments, I would like to share this experience that I had discovered, right here on Long Island.

I have found Greenport Village to be a treasure trove of old world charm with a vast array of amenities and attractions.  Additionally, they are host to year round events including an annual Motorcycle event for you bikers out there. 

Whether it’s antiquing at an historic landmark, riding an antique carousel situated at Mitchell Park, visiting a working blacksmith shop replica, or shopping the many quaint mom and pop stores along main street, you will find that there is something here for everyone, and fun the whole family will enjoy.  I highly recommend taking a day trip to this wonderful north fork of Long Island to experience a memorable trip right here in your own back yard.

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