Monday, March 12, 2012

Discovering Long Island

If you are wondering where I am sitting in this picture above, it is amongst one of Long Islands treasures overlooking the bay in Greenport Village.  The “Mobile Service” aspect of my job enables me to visit various sights throughout New York and Long Island that I may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.  For instance, behind me you might be able to see The Morning Call Sculpture; a 9/11 memorial of an osprey on a perch made from steel eye beams recovered from the World Trade Center.

Having been born and raised on Long Island, like many of you, I find that my soul has somehow become innately attached to this vast island I call home.  And for this reason, I can not imagine living anywhere else.  And so, as I sit here waterside at Scrimshaw, one of Greenport Villages’ very fine eating establishments, I would like to share this experience that I had discovered, right here on Long Island.

I have found Greenport Village to be a treasure trove of old world charm with a vast array of amenities and attractions.  Additionally, they are host to year round events including an annual Motorcycle event for you bikers out there. 

Whether it’s antiquing at an historic landmark, riding an antique carousel situated at Mitchell Park, visiting a working blacksmith shop replica, or shopping the many quaint mom and pop stores along main street, you will find that there is something here for everyone, and fun the whole family will enjoy.  I highly recommend taking a day trip to this wonderful north fork of Long Island to experience a memorable trip right here in your own back yard.

When Two Worlds Collide

In the beginning there was the television, and broadcast TV was our world.

With today’s world-wide-web, users seek access to a much broader scope of video content on demand.   It is no surprise than that these two worlds have now collided.

This is about more than just technology alone, as it reaches beyond to the human condition and how we evolve along side this useful technology.  So clear a path my friends, as the Internet slams into your world of traditional television like a freight train through tinsel town.

Internet TV is all the rage, as the exponential growth of “Apps” help drive that force.  In the past year alone, we have seen tremendous growth in the sale of internet enabled “Smart-TVs” and DVD Players providing instant access of services like Hulu, NetFlix & YouTube.  Cable Companies have even expanded their library of on-demand content providing their viewers with more programming choices.  Additionally manufacturers like Apple TV, Logitech, Tivo, and Roku make accessing the internet on your television a breeze with their stand-alone components. 

So brace yourselves for this collision of traditional broadcast television, with the World-Wide-Web.   … And THIS my friends, is another Mark on Media.

As always, feel free to contact me personally to answer any questions you may have or to help you with your next electronics purchasing decision. 

The Ever Essential Universal Remote Control

In the world of electronics, it seems that one thing never changes; The Ever-Changing Trends in Home Electronics.  And for as long as I have been installing home electronics, the issue of controllability has been at the forefront. 

With the constant evolution and advancements in control technology, comes my constant quest to find viable solutions for universal remote controls, at reasonable prices.  In years past those two often didn’t go hand and hand.

The Exception has just arrived.  Manufacturers like Logitech for instance have introduced “Activity driven” products that require less set-up time, and are customizable to include almost any scenario you may require out of your equipment.  This includes the automated control of window shades as well as lighting control. 

One such product is The Harmony H-1100.  I just programmed one of these puppies for my DEMO Home Theater  Room, and can tell you first hand as your custom installer, that I am very excited to be able to offer this unit to my clients.  This remote is great, easy to use, and dare I say; fun!   I believe to date, that this is one of the best universal remotes in its price range that I have seen for quite some time.

Tablet style Touch Screen Remotes such as this one were once tangible to just the “high-end” consumer price tags of  $2,000.00 and above after installation and programming.  Additionally, complicated set-ups often required programming to be farmed out to an IT-Media/Computer Programmer, adding third party costs to the complete job.

In an effort to lower that cost to my clients, I am now certified to provide this custom programming myself.  As an authorized reseller and programmer for Logitech, RTI, Universal Remotes, and others, I can provide my clients with access to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd tear tech support.  Additionally, all programming is stored allowing us easy future updating should you decide to add or change components; like television cable boxes for instance.

In short, I am very excited to offer to my clients these very affordable new and exciting products that will not only enhance your music and television experience, yet provide you and your family with hassle free control.

Make sure to click on PROMO’S on the home page for a Limited-Time INSTANT REBATE on the purchase, installation and programming of remotes in this category. 

3D - Plasma vs. LCD/LED

When flat panel televisions first hit the market, they were only manufactured with plasma technology.  And although plasma is still preferred amongst pro-video enthusiasts, LCD and LED televisions have been leading the market in manufacturing and over all sales in the retail/consumer markets.

The main reason for this industry shift came about in finding ways to eliminate one of the byproducts of plasma; namely its burn-in, or shadowing effect from prolonged standing images, and to extend the life expectancy of flat panel televisions while moving forward in providing a more efficient, “green-friendly” product.  The very nature behind LCD/LED technology answers these calls, yet can only do so with a few trade offs (later discussed).

Along with the LCD and LED technologies combating such issues, plasma manufacturers have also produced ways of extending the lifespan of their panels and making them more efficient.  The new generation of plasma TV, employ pioneering technologies such as motion adaptive anti burn-in technology with far greater efficacy.  Manufactures such as Samsung, LG, and Panasonic for instance now claim a plasma lifespan to have upwards of 100,000 hours; far greater than our old tube based televisions.

So now with the onset of 3D Television, the debate continues once again.  Which is better when it comes to reproducing 3D images, LCD/LED, or plasma?

Industry experts point out that plasma flat panel televisions remain the only technology capable of producing true black by its capability of completely shutting off any given pixel. This is not possible with LCD/LED technology, where black has to be created within its’ color spectrum, thus, - adding light.

This explains the sometimes “over-bright” or saturated colors that can be over-powering to the viewer.  Additionally, plasma’s pixel on/off-switching to black happens at a rate 60% faster than LCD/LED.  So while LCD/LED contrast ratios along with refresh rates have improved in order to compensate for this, video enthusiasts will still argue that plasma pixel technology produces a more vivid contrast ratio, and is less harsh on the eye, translating to a smoother and more realistic viewing experience of 2D, as well as 3D images.

Clients of Dial 631-INSTALL are encouraged to visit one of our MFR Showrooms for a free demo where you can meet with manufacturer reps who will be happy to answer any questions regarding these latest technologies.  Call Mark for further information or to schedule an appointment.